Aerospace/Military Sensors and Switches



Vacuum Pressure Switches     (真空壓力開關)
Available from 20 to 750 Torr Vacuum 
Vacuum Pressure SwitchesVacuum Pressure Switches


Absolute Pressure Switches    (絕對壓力開關)
Available from 10 to 5000 Torr 
Absolute Pressure Switches Absolute Pressure Switches 
Absolute Pressure Switches

Gauge Pressure Switches     (表壓開關)
Available from 0.2 to 100 psig 
Gauge Pressure SwitchesGauge Pressure Switches 
Gauge Pressure Switches

Differential Pressure Switches     (差壓開關)
Used to measure/indicate changes between two reference pressures dry/dry wet/dry wet/wet 
Differential Pressure Switches

Flow Switches     (流量開關)
Used to measure/indicate changes in flow rate, and confirm flow presence. 
Flow Switches

staset® ( 3 in 1) Pressure Switch, Sensor & Gauge     (staset®(3合1)壓力開關,傳感器和壓力表)
Combines the safety and simplicity of a switch, the output of a transducer and the convenience of a gauge. 
staset® ( 3 in 1) Pressure Switch, Sensor & Gauge

ECHOLINE® Low Pressure Monitor     (ECHOLINE®低壓監測器)
Ranges from 0 to 10" WC and 0 to 1000 Pascal for safety process 
Echoline® Low Pressure Monitor

LPS Low Pressure Monitor      (LPS 低壓監測器)
Ranges from 0 to 10" WC and 0 to 1000 Pascal for application process 
LPS Low Pressure Monitor

XHP Series Transducer 
Analog Output 4-20 ma, 0-5 VDC, 1-5 VDC 
Echoline® Low Pressure Monitor

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