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Aerospace/Military Sensors and Switches


Gauge Pressure Switches  (表壓開關)
Measures/indicates change in sensed air or liquid pressure from atmospheric pressure. 
Gauge Pressure SwitchesGauge Pressure Switches

Altitude (Absolute) Pressure Switches  (海拔高度(絕對)壓力開關)
Measures/indicates absolute pressures, airspeed and altitude. 
Altitude Pressure SwitchesAltitude Pressure Switches

Differential Pressure Switches (差壓開關)
Measures/indicates changes between two reference pressures dry/dry, wet/wet. 
Differential Pressure SwitchesDifferential Pressure Switches

Flow Switches (流量開關)
Measures/indicates changes in rate of flow, and confirm the presence of flow. 
Flow SwitchesFlow Switches

Liquid Level Switches  (液位開關)
Measures/indicates fuel and waste fluid levels. 
Liquid Level SwitchesLiquid Level Switches

Temperature Monitoring  (溫度 開關與溫度監測)
Monitors change in system temperature. 
Temperature Monitoring ProductsTemperature Monitoring Products



Aerospace/Military Sensors and Switches


Gas (氣體)
High purity and exhaust gases 
Gas Sensors/Gas Switches

Liquid (液體)
D I water, waste water 
Liquid Sensors/Liquid Switches


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